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CHC51308 - Diploma of Education Support

What is this qualification about?
This qualification covers workers in a range of education and school settings who provide assistance and support in the classroom to facilitate learning in collaboration with teachers.

Do you deliver training or assessment only for this qualification?
We currently offer the ‘Assessment only (RPL)’ pathway for this qualification. Please contact us for more information.

In addition to our own teams of trainers based in our Brisbane and Sydney offices, MVT Management Institute of Australia has written agreements with the following companies/trainers to assess this qualification on our behalf throughout Australia.

  • Ainos Education Centre
  • JEST Productions
  • Kingsford College

How will I be assessed?
At the outset you will be allocated an assessor who will conduct an initial interview. During this time units for which you believe you may be eligible for RPL will be identified. During this interview you will be offered assistance in determining the types of evidence required to demonstrate competency.
You will then gather the evidence, supported through the process by allocated assessor.
Throughout the process MVT Management Institute of Australia will maintain a record of progress.
Should gap training be identified, you will be provided with a Statement of Attainment for units successfully completed and will be assisted in identifying a provider to enable you to complete the course.

What is the next step?
Please contact us to find out when the next available course is being run and the associated costs. We would love to assist you reach your goals and our highly qualified trainers will be happy to have a chat with you about your training needs.

Qualification details:

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